Sunday, August 23, 2009

shoe lust part III

Chie Mihara - Cibeles Shoe

Trippen - Fence Bootie

Fiorentini & Baker - Eli Boots

Hi. My name is Katy, and I have a shoe addiction. Ped Shoes in Seattle made me feel better today. I find such a sense of security knowing I can purchase all these styles in the click of a button.
after-the-fact-note: Now I find out Ped moved to Berkeley, California! Good thing they ship almost everywhere!


JvA said...

Ped isn't in Seattle anymore, unfortunately.

I just ordered the Trippen Fence this weekend and am eagerly awaiting its arrival tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Love Ped! Such cool shoes and really wonderful customer service (they always patiently answer lots of questions I have about fit, details, etc.)!


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