Tuesday, September 29, 2009

pearls of wisdom

  • Be honest about your size.
  • Have a good tailor.
  • Confidence is the thread that holds any look together.

  • Dress to impress – fashion is a direct language; what you wear is how you introduce yourself to the world.

  • Restraint is fundamental to elegance – keep it simple.

  • Don’t always rely on current trends. Pick and choose, try to make what’s “in style” work for you.

  • Wear what you know looks good on your body type and is flattering.

  • Buy what excites you.

  • Know how to properly accessorize. The right accessories can update any look.

  • Don’t wait for a special occasion to wear special clothing. Make every day an occasion.

Wise words from designer Naeem Khan


Cecilia said...

Great post!
I don't think I properly accessorize. Jewelry guru, will you give me some advicE?

katy said...

Lucky for you, the best accessory is a smile - and you've got that down better than anyone I know!

Lynn said...

Loved this - even though clothes and makeup seem more survival than anything in Dillon - but I always wish there were and accessory class I could take - I really don't have that down at all. Congratulations on your show. Love having your thoughts come my way so regularly. We have snow today. Um Hum - 9/30 and it's snow time.

katy said...

Hmmm. An accessory class is a great idea! Everyone, including myself, has a hard time figuring out what pieces to wear, etc. Usually we end up wearing nothing for lack of something better!!


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