Sunday, February 7, 2010

football and fashion

Despite the two worlds’ apparent divide, consideration reveals numerous points of fusion, and not only Gisele and Tom Brady.

CHAINS - Football: checking for a first down, Fashion: Roger Vivier chain bag

Rather, the two disciplines share an impressive lexicon of terms.

The sack? In one world, a hit on the quarterback; in the other, a waistless dress. Spiral names the prettiest of passes or a lovely swirled frock. Double coverage can be two defenders on a wide receiver or layered cardigans. Blocking: the job of the endearing giant in "The Blind Side" or how you shape a sweater.

Football has its helmets (granted, not an accessory, but an essential in minimizing head injuries), while fashion boasts Pierre Cardin’s Space-Age headgear as well as Lang and Newton, give or take a vowel. As for a redshirt, it’s a term for a college player who sits out one year so he can stay five, or something Dries Van Noten showed in a spicy cinnamon.

The two worlds share snaps, spikes, clips and chains. Yet not all is S&M; a down is a step in the right direction or a cozy coat; a pocket, the domain of a drop-back passer or, well, a pocket; the pigskin, a ball or a bag.

Then there’s the secondary. The Colts have Antoine Bethea, and Donna Karan, DKNY. Tight end? A guy with good hands or a model’s posterior. While in football a team can’t get far without an offensive line, in fashion, too offensive a line spells disaster.

Yet the last word — make that two — in this wondrous fashion-football crossover? shoulder pads.

-excerpt by Bridget Foley for Women's Wear Daily

photo credit: WWD

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