Wednesday, February 10, 2010

key themes in jewelry design

Warrior Princess
the use of wood with metal, and multiple chain arrangements reflecting the warrior princess style:

Modern Boudoir
a timeless look with "French chic", inspired by stylish women of the Art Deco period, such as Coco Chanel, the subject of two recent movies, and the movie star Marlene Dietrich:

Nature's Alchemy
different ways of blending nature and technology:

Organic Anatomy
the influence of organic structures such as snake skins and bones:

The Witching Hour
a dark and mysterious style, reflected in the use of dark crystals, fish hook earrings, and resin-encased insect designs:

Pictured: 1. Bliss Lau Jewelry, 2. Fenton for J.Crew 3. Silicone Cuff by Nervous System 4. Skull Necklace by Pamela Love 5. Necklace by Unearthen Photos: courtesy (LOVE this site!) and Trend titles, courtesy, Jaana Jatyri, founder and CEO of

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