Sunday, February 28, 2010

things are getting pretty serious

As an artist, it is not easy by any stretch to turn your talent into something that sells (for that is the only way to "make a living doing what you love"). Fortunately, what I am doing is working; my jewelry line is retailing exceptionally well in stores.

I am so very grateful to the stores who took a chance placing orders. I am thankful for the help my friends (who so conveniently happen to be stylists, shop owners, graphic designers, photographers, clothing designers, jewelry designers, writers, you-name-it) have given me. They spread the word, helped me get into stores, referred me to their friends, lent an ear to my worries and offered timely advice.

Likewise, I would be nowhere without my family. They are the best a girl could ever have. My mother proudly wore all my first jewelry designs (even though they were pretty ugly). They have always been supportive of my endeavors (which were sometimes very foolish). My Mom and Dad never said, "I told you so", when an idea backfired (my mischievous brother did say it, however). They encouraged me to paint, draw, play piano, sing, collect bugs and allowed me to keep a small farm's worth of unconventional animals (I liked frogs best) in my room. While all the other girls in band played their flutes, I was the weirdo on the end with the four-foot tall bassoon. Experimenting was encouraged - as long as my experiments did not blow up the house, involve drugs, or boys, I was free to do whatever.

Me and my brother, posed as allies for the camera

I am also lucky to be married to such an amazing man. My husband always believed in my work, and helped my apply for my first college art fair ten years ago. He has wheeled tables, lamps, and trunk loads of jewelry through snow and rain. His encouragement led me to my first job at a boutique. He supported my first sales calls to stores, and was there with a shoulder to cry on if things did not work out. Without him, I would not have the guts.

So, things are good.

I wrapped up my first "official" photo shoot last week. IT. WAS. SO. MUCH. FUN. We shot images of the g r a y l i n g Summer 2010 jewelry collection for the website! (more on that in a minute...) Picture a spread you would see in Elle or Vanity Fair where the model is wearing gorgeous clothing and layers of jewelry - it was like that. Thanks to the stylist: Kami Gray, the photographer: Lisa Warninger, the model: Allegra Jongeward, and the impromptu photo-assistant (who I shall not name because she skipped school to "job shadow", tee hee)!

Speaking of shows, I am excited to announce g r a y l i n g will be showing at the Pool Tradeshow in Las Vegas in August 2010. Buyers from all over the world attend the show, and I cannot wait to meet lots of new faces. It will be fun to be on the "other side of the table" (as an exhibitor, no longer a buyer) this time around.

g r a y l i n g will also be at Crafty Wonderland for the first time ever this May! Several of my fellow-jewelry-designer-friends (Paper Treasure, Betsy & Iya, AK Vintage) have sold their wares at this well-known Portland, Oregon show.

Finally, I am happy to report the g r a y l i n g ONLINE STORE is almost ready! Beginning this April, you will be able to shop for jewelry from the comfort of your own home, in your robe, while eating loads of gummi bears (wait, that's me).

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