Thursday, July 29, 2010

steamboat helena

Earlier this year my husband and I went to visit my parents in the Flathead Valley. It's a gorgeous, unspoiled spot near Glacier Park in the northwest corner of Montana.

On this particular visit, we spent a lot of time exploring. One day, we pulled off the road to visit Kehoe's Agate Shop in the tiny, miniscule, eensy weensy town of Holt.

Holt was one of the first settlements in the valley; complete with a saloon, post office, and blacksmith shop. These days, there's not much left but the wreckage of a steamboat at the edge of town.

Steamboats were the main means of travel back in those days. At one time, there were over 15 steamboats on Flathead Lake, a freshwater body larger than Lake Tahoe. The Helena was one of the last freight boats around.

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