Monday, August 2, 2010

nice pair: ld tuttle - vapor the push sneaky little devil. I can't believe you're already here.

It seems like just weeks ago I was catching up on what was going to be big for Summer.

Now, the magazines are highlighting what to wear for Fall. While I still haven't seen The September Issue I definitely understand what it signifies: it's time to start shopping for boots!

For eight-hundred-something-dollars some people would grab a flight to Hawaii. Others might spend three days in Mexico. And a few people might put the money in savings.

Me? I'd order a pair of these LD Tuttle boots in size 41:

ld tuttle
vapor the push wedge boot

The "Tutts", as I call them, are looking fantastic right now at And if Oak doesn't have your size in stock, a member of their kind-hearted staff may be able to order a pair for you... hey, just something to keep in the back of your mind...

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