Wednesday, October 20, 2010

hit me with it!

I am busy figuring out what to add to my e-commerce site. {You have checked out the grayling jewelry online store in the past, right?}

TRUTHFULLY... what would you like to see more of? A new color? ________ priced at _______? More ________? Is it easy or hard to shop?

I'll give a $50 gift certificate to one of you so get your thinking caps on... and PLEASE leave your feedback in the comments section below!



Nicole said...

Its hard to jump around, some of the links on your blog (like at the top in the header where it says online shop) doesnt take you to your online store, so its hard to get to from your blog. Then from your home page I couldn't get back to your blog. Make sure all of your links are working and that we can get where we want to with little effort. xoxoxo love your stuff! pick me!!!!

JvA said...

I would like more wear-to-work necklaces, which for me would mean simple, substantial-weight necklaces at a moderate length (where you could wear it with a cowl neck). I have and love the anthracite necklace but find it difficult to wear unless I'm wearing a very low neckline or a crew/boat neck top. I often wear cowl or V necks, and the necklace gets lost in the fabric. So it's relegated to special occasion use, though I'd love to wear it a couple times a week, as it's absolutely gorgeous...

Katy said...

Nicole-I really appreciate you taking the time to click around my site(s), these are the things I NEED to know!! So, thank you for putting that feedback out there. Looks like I have some work to do!

JvA-nice idea! As a thought, I would be happy to make your Anthracite shorter if you want, no charge! Let me know! (and p.s. I know what you mean.) I've been making some with new gunmetal clasps and they are great! I am working on new designs so I will keep you in mind during the process...:)


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