Friday, October 15, 2010

october shoe potpourri

(Above): The scene at the door of the Adam Arnold Fall 2010 fashion show (all white floors = no shoes allowed). It felt as if I was stalking several people at once as I studied what shoes everyone came in (presumably, their "best", which is a somewhat frightening indication of a lack of _________)....

(Above): Inside the new All Saints store in Boston on Newbury Street - (amazing shoes but all sold out of my size, sad face) This U.K. chain is new to the U.S., I hadn't heard of it. It's sort of like a Rick-Owens-meets-Anthropologie place for rich kids (not that I didn't want everything!)

(Above:) Look a little closer at the walls - - that's right, they are lined in replicas of vintage shoe horns (nice touch) - - oh, if these horns could "toot"... (sorry, couldn't help it) I've noticed a lot of wood cutout heels this Fall, have you?

(Above): Inside the Tannery on Boylston Street in Boston (again, sold out of everything in my size except for shoes in the $500+ range, and even then it was slim pickins') My husband did find a nice Fjallraven jacket, however.

photo credit - our ipho

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Katy said...

I incorrectly described the "shoe forms" as "shoe horns" making the comment, "if these horns could...", completely irrelevant. Haha!


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