Wednesday, May 11, 2011

beauty tips to benefit your jewelry

When our jewelry looks its best, we look our best and when we look our best, our jewelry looks its best. It's a whole circle of life thing. Here are five beauty tips and reminders that will help your jewelry achieve it's full potential.

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1. Nail care: hands are one of the first impressions a person makes when greeting someone and shaking hands. You don't want someone to notice your nice bracelet and then turn their focus to your chipped nails polish.

2. Lotion up: jewelry lays against the skin and that means if people are looking at your jewelry, they are looking at your skin. Just like how bad nails can bring attention away from your jewelry, so can sporting dried out leather bag hands and elephant elbows. Keeping your skin moisturized and soft gives the jewelry a nice palate to lay on.

3. Drinking water: nature's number one beauty secret. Drinking water has a ton of health and beauty benefits one being it clears up your skin and makes you glow. Well hydrated skin has the best tone to it which means you can find the best looking shades of stones and metals to go along with it.

4. Shoe care: something you may not think of when you think of jewelry, but shoes are an important part of how you present your jewelry. A ratty pair of shoes can really throw off a look. Your jewelry and shoes should be appropriate together and help compliment each other to pull the entire outfit together.

5. Don't over-accessorize: we all love jewelry but just like with cake or booze, too much is a bad thing. Don't go overboard so people only see the jewelry and don't see you. You should be wearing the jewelry, don't let the jewelry wear you.

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