Saturday, July 23, 2011

chanel introduces ' Contrastes' collection

Chanel Joaillerie introduced a gorgeous new jewelry collection during Paris Couture Fashion week: Contrastes.

The collection is laden with white pearls and black metal accents which comes as no surprise considering the key elements of the quintessential Chanel wardrobe are black and white. However, a few designs relied less on the expected black and white theme.

I found this piece most interesting:

"Winter Garden" Ring, Chanel Contrastes collection

In Chanel's Contrastes, the elements are indeed, contrasting. 

In the ring I featured, the pearl and diamond duo is off-set by sea-colored tourmaline and emeralds. The high-polished shine of white metal is mellowed by the matte texture of the opposite side of the ring.  It reminds me of one of my favorite pieces, below, from glass maker and jewelry designer, Rene Lalique.  If you've ever studied jewelry, this work of art is in every textbook:

Dragonfly Woman, Rene Lalique c.1898

Both pieces are stunning, don't you think?

To view more pieces from the Contrastes collection, visit The Jewellery Editor, a fabulous website designed by London-based Maria Doulton.  I highly recommend her site.



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