Tuesday, July 12, 2011

jewelry trend: chain reaction

Who What Wear just posted a sweet little spread of hard-edged accessories online.  And guess what they left out of the picture?  Our Falcon collection.  Our customers tell us they wear the HELL out of these pieces - they don't weigh a thing, and you can pair them with just about every outfit you own.

free shipping / handmade in Portland, Oregon

free shipping / handmade in portland, oregon

image courtesy of Who What Wear 
all other images copyright 2011 grayling jewelry


Mink said...

The falcon necklace was one of the first pieces I purchased from Grayling, I've since purchased many, many more, but it's still one of my very favorites! LOVE XOXO

Katy said...

The "power" of the Falcon necklace is undeniable, Carla! :) Thanks as always!!


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