Tuesday, January 10, 2012

love from sandra via london

Chances are, this is the first time you'll come across the name Sandra Hagelstam. It's probably just because you live in the United States. It took us a minute to discover her, too. But soon you'll learn what hundreds of thousands of her followers already know - this chick has major style.

Sandra is a London-based blogger who originally hails from Helsinki, Finland. She moved to London to attend fashion school and created the blog 5 Inch and Up in 2010 to share her personal style with the world. 

We are huge fans of her amazing personal style - she's feminine, innovative and sexy but not overtly so. Basically, we want to BE her.  

Sandra spends much of her time collecting shoes, handbags, jewelry, dresses (you name it). Lest you begin to think she's simply a shop-o-holic - rest assured - it's not simply consumption. In our eyes, she's an artist. She has a way of blending patterns, prints and textures into one, cohesive style statement. If you've ever stared into your closet and felt defeated, I'm sure you know how difficult getting dressed can be.

Another reason to love her? For Sandra, it's not the label that matters. If an item is unique, and plays well with others, it might make the cut. 

Obsession aside, we are incredibly honored to see Sandra with one of our big-ass crystal necklaces around her neck. We are smitten by Sandra's entire outfit - the frilly collar, the soft hues, the peplum skirt. She looks good.  No surprise.

Thanks, Sandra, you wear it so well.


photo - courtesy - www.5inchandup.blogspot.com

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