Tuesday, August 11, 2009

six scents

photo: shift-japan

So, one day I was walking on E. Burnside here in Portland, and stumbled into Stand Up Comedy - a small shop run by two cute gals. I'd heard about Stand Up Comedy before, but never had the pleasure of actually being inside.

The shop had just enough of a few well-chosen things to pique my interest. On a small table inside, I caught a whiff of what was to become my new favorite perfume line: Six Scents. I had been a huge fan of L'Artisan perfumes from Paris for ages, but all six of the Six Scents line became my new favorites.

"Six Scents is a curated collection of limited edition fragrances that matches designer with perfumier. It's also a smart look at contemporary fashion and design, interpreted through the vastly overlooked art of perfume-making."
- from the Stand Up Comedy website
I was especially drawn to Urban Tropicalia, a fragrance that contained cedarwood/amber fond, lemon, cassis de bourgeons, lime, green, apple, apricot, jasmine, tagete, freesia, and musk. I thoroughly doused myself like a sixteen year-old at the perfume counter of a department store and made a vow to ask for a bottle for my birthday.

Maybe you could remind my husband...

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