Friday, August 21, 2009

yank my chain

Alice + Olivia - linen dress

Vince - chain tee

Chanel and Givenchy were the first to debut layered chains on the runway. Not surprisingly, other designers are following suit by incorporating chain into their collections. Vince and Alice + Olivia take it one step further by doing the hard work for you - dresses and tees come with the necklaces attached. Instant glamour. Photos courtesy of Saks.


Christina said...

I kinda have a problem with current designers doing the accessorizing for us. I mean, then the top/dress/whatever is stuck in one look. Additionally, what kinda science is behind washing this shizzzz?

katy said...

The look has it's drawbacks, for sure. Especially when you decide you don't want the chain on there anymore!


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