Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i love me some DL1961

No wardrobe is complete without a great pair (or two) of jeans.
The quest to find the perfect pair often leaves you feeling depressed and in need of a stiff drink. You know what I'm talking about. If you don't - go away - you make me sick.

I was the denim buyer for a boutique for years - we helped people find their dream jeans. And in all the piles of denim we sold, only a few brands won my heart. My very favorite jeans are from a small denim company - DL1961.

I adore DL1961 for four reasons:
  • First, and most important, my fat ass looks like a million bucks in them! I mean perfect. Perky, round, tight...the exact opposite of what my bunnies look like without the jeans.
  • Second, they do not stretch out! And, they are super comfortable. When I asked Lucia Albero, Showroom Manager at DL1961 about the special fit, she said, "The 4-way XFIT stretch sucks you in like no tomorrow!" Perfect.
  • Third, they are not over-the-top expensive. I will pay $158 for a great pair of jeans I can wear day and night.
  • Fourth, they offer several rises (high to low) and leg openings (bootcut, skinny, straight) which means big ass or small - everyone can rock them.

If you need more reasons, email me and I'll run over and slap you with a stick. They are perfect! Plus they look good with Yves Saint Laurent heels (hey, if you're saving money on jeans all the more to spend on shoes, right?)!!

1224 Tory Jeans in Brook Wash - $158.00 Click here for more info

YSL Imperiale Pump $795 at Saks

1022 Jessica Jeans in Delano - $168 Click here for more info

YSL Easy Open Pumps $895 at Saks

What are your favorite jeans, and why?

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