Saturday, October 17, 2009

a hunter we will go

One of my favorite online shopping sites, Tobi, stocks one of my favorite brands: HUNTER. My stylist friend Allison wears hers nonstop from October to April, and she totally swears by their comfort.

hunter,boots,portland,oregon,wellies,rain boots Hunter Original Lace Boots - $115 - tobi

Hunter Original Short Boots - $105 - tobi
(love the chocolate color!)

A snippet on HUNTER from Tobi:

If you have visions of puddle-hopping but can’t imagine what shoes you’d wear, Hunter is here to make your daydreams come true. This classic Scottish brand has crafted Wellingtons since 1856 when Hunter was called the North British Rubber Company, spawned by American entrepreneur Henry Lee Norris.

After supplying boots to troops in the trenches during World Wars I and II, Hunter’s functional style has spread to the masses. This collection of high quality boots continues to live up to its credo of fit, comfort, durability and performance...

So you can splish-splash to your heart's content and look good while doing so!

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