Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the procession draws to a close

These portraits of The Procession by Anthony Georgis capture the dark, somber mood of the dimly-lit evening perfectly.

Pinkham Millinery blew me away with the amount of detail (literally) woven and sewn into each of their hats. The plumage was perfect. The styling was impeccable. What a wonderful evening. And, now I can fully share it with you.

hats portland oregon fashion show the procession

fabulous hats by dayna pinkham

hats with feathers

portland fashion week

independent clothing designers

amazing wool and black hats

pinkham millinery shows its dark side

You can read more about the gorgeous event through my previous posts The Procession and The Procession Continues.

Hats: Pinkham Millinery. Clothing: Elizabeth Dye, Frocky Jack Morgan, Kate Towers, Emily Ryan, Holly Stalder, Jayme Hansen, Duchess Clothier, MothLove, Emily Bixler, and Valerie Mathus.

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Anonymous said...

best photos by far from Dayna's show. Perfect.


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