Wednesday, November 11, 2009

don't stop the train

Le Train Bleu, is, in my opinion, a Portland institution.

Over the years, I've witnessed Bria's concept evolve via her website, blog, and (now-closed) storefront. Yet, Le Train Bleu remains the place for of-the-moment designers in all the fashion mags - and I can still shop online.

Her small, but well-edited offerings in the realm of shoes and accessories are not to be missed. Le Train Bleu is one of the few Portland-based places carrying Rachel Comey. And, I love just about anything by Rachel Comey - especially these booties:

Rachel Comey - Smuggler Booties - at Le Train Bleu

I am also smitten by these gorgeous, embroidered gloves by Rebetiko. I feel that gloves, by nature, tend to be quite the homely accessory. But these manage to be functional and stylish:

Rebetiko - Embroidered Gloves - at Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu may not have a storefront, but I can still find everything I could ever want on their website.

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