Tuesday, November 10, 2009

just (don't) do it

Dear Manufacturers,

Please, please, please quit making these shoes. They are terribly unstylish. Sure, you tout their "comfort" and "style"... but really, who are you kidding!? These shoes are practically made of 2x4's hidden under a fabric overlay!

You bully department and mom-and-pop stores into placing big orders by giving bulk discounts. You tempt the consumer with bargain prices, just to pad your pocketbooks. But at what cost?

Can't you see you're weakening the actual fabric of our fashion community? We teach our fellow citizens what is cool, what is worth wearing, even what is affordable in magazines, on t.v., and on the internet. They know better. Yet, somehow every season I see poor, helpless women wearing these shoes.

The fashion police can only help so many victims...we need you to cease production on the following styles before it is too late.

Yours in fashion,
Katy Kippen


skybluedore said...

Sweet lord, the Ed Hardys are an abomination.

katy said...

FYI: they are available in a multitude of vomit-inducing colors like bright turquoise and hot pink, too! :)


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