Wednesday, November 18, 2009

inspired by: madeleine vionnet

The work of Madeleine Vionnet is a huge inspiration for me at the present moment. I am transported to another time when I view these photographs, which date between 1914 and 1931:




bridal,dress,wedding,portland,oregon,jewelryStyles included a myriad of intricate details, such as these thumbprint tags.

Ms. Vionnet's avant-garde design aesthetic remains a huge influence for couturiers such as John Galliano and Issey Miyake. And a huge influence for me, as well, as I begin work on a Spring 2010 bridal jewelry line.

If you happen to be in Paris, you can view a major exhibition of her work through January 31, 2010 at Les Arts Decoratifs. For a glimpse, watch this short video:

All photos, courtesy,
Madeleine Vionnet collection.


Mabel and Zora said...

Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous! I love everything, the tags too! I wish people put more emphasis on tags and little details! I wish I was in Paris...

Katy said...

I know! Writing this killed me - I was just so enamored by the styling, the pleats, the drop waists. Watching the video helped, at least!


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