Thursday, January 14, 2010

closet remodel part I

Here's the thing with a small house built in 1922: you get one tiny closet.

our one and only closet

We bought our house in 2005.

Our closet, pictured above, has one single rod, which happens to be a shovel-handle (yes, a shovel handle; a result of our home being built during the Great Depression). The rod has a span of two entire feet. That's it.

For starters, I have no place to put my shoes. There are heaps of shoes around the house (right now, for instance, there's a pair of shoes under the living room window, a pair in the dining room, and several pair by the front door making entering or exiting a bit dangerous).

On any given day, piles of clothes sit on our bedroom floor and on our dresser.

Laundry is strewn all over the basement. Even if I do all the laundry (yay!) there's no place to actually put it (boo!).

So, my friends, the only real solution is to start over. We're tearing out the closet and building a new one...

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