Friday, January 15, 2010

a mile in my shoes

So...I've waited months for the arrival a pair of lace-up oxford boots. They finally came today. I opened the box and tried them on. Here's how it went from there:

TRY ONE: Skinny jeans would look good with these.
(Wait, ohmigod your feet look huuuuge!)

TRY TWO: Maybe my wide leg trousers?
(Scratch that, if you can't see the shoe what's the point?)

TRY THREE: A skirt would work.
(Are you kidding? You don't even own one!)

linocut on paper by Steven Burke

Let me just vent for a moment:
It really sucks to be a size 11 in women's shoes.*

It's virtually impossible hard to find stylish, high-quality shoes in my size. But then, to have them actually LOOK good on? Oh, please.

There are salespeople (indie shoe stores are no better) that claim, "Yes, we carry size 11's" . . . only to bring out a pair of European 41's, which is a 10 in the states. It takes all my willpower to keep my thoughts to myself.

Still, I'm not completely discouraged. I've found shoes in the past, and will continue my quest, undaunted, for more. Plus, there's no room for more in my closet...yet...

If you are a size 10+, please share in the comments section!
We girls need to stick together.

*Actually, I'm luckier than my friend Teresa, who's a size 12.


JvA said...

Worst of all are the online so-called 11s with no way to know whether it's a 41 or a 42! In person, I try to specify at the start that I need a 42.

And, yes, being an 11 is way, way better than being a 12. One of my frequent disappointments is that all those dreamy-looking Anthropologie shoes only go up to 10.

But still, we're so much better off now than we were when I was a teen (before online retail). That truly sucked. :)

Katy said...

So true. I really wish Anthropologie had larger sizes - but I guess it's not their fault (directly) ... most shoe manufacturers only go up to 10!

And, I agree, things ARE much better now that we can shop online...


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