Friday, April 2, 2010

What do YOU want?

In an effort to make my blog better, I need feedback from you, dear reader.

Sometimes I sit behind this computer, head overflowing with story ideas, surrounded by magazine clippings of my favorite shoes and necklaces and the thought of putting words on the screen leaves me overwhelmed.

Then, it dawned on me. Why don't I just ask my readers what they want more of? Maybe they would be willing to share, I thought. Well, here's your chance to lay it on me.

To sweeten the deal, I'll award one lucky reader this necklace! You have to comment to win, so let's get started...

The Falcon necklace by grayling - $135

Please use the Comments section to respond:

1) Which of the following topics interest you?

A. Seasonal trends in accessories
B. What's new in shoes
C. What's new in handbags
D. My picks from other jewelry designers
E. How-to's (for instance, ways to tie a scarf)
F. Designer profiles
G. Interviews with Shop Owners
H. One-on-one chats with Style Insiders (photographers, stylists, etc)

2) What are your favorite blogs and/or magazines?

3) Where do you find your style inspiration?

4) How did you discover my blog?

Thank you! I'll let the lucky winner know on April 15th. -Katy


harlow said...

I like A-D. All photo worthy and quick reads.

Katy said...

Hi everyone - no need to answer every question - just what you have time for :) Thanks, Katy

Anonymous said...

What interests me is mainly unique and different styles that are unlike others and that have been inspired by something specific- like a place, food, animal, whatever.

Most magazines are junk imho. I don't see too many good fashion blogs either so I tend to not read or look for them. (I'm sure they are out there, I just don't really have the time or desire to find them).

Inspiration changes with each new day. It could be the color of a leaf, the taste of a pepper, the feel of a texture. I gather most inspiration from specific cities, various cultures, and plants/nature.

Found a link to your blog through FB.

Since I don't have a blog account, my name is Nikki.

Carla said...

1) First and foremost, I love to hear anything and everything about jewelry! Maybe some specifics about your jewelry adventures and inspiration? Or maybe a bit about your techniques? The rest of the topics you listed are definitely cool too, though jewelry is #1 for me. ;)

2) My favorite blog is The Bright Side Project. My favorite magazine is Martha Stewart Living, mainly for the gorgeous images and fun ideas on how to make life a little more interesting.

3) My style inspiration comes from beautiful imagery. I'm a big fan of a beautiful photograph.

4) I discovered your blog when I learned about grayling through EWOP.

Hope this all helps! Good luck!

Sara said...

I would be interested in hearing more about all kinds of portland designers and the shops that carry them. I heard about your blog from the Neat Sheet. At the moment, my favorite blog is "go fug yourself." ...and I have no idea where my style inspiration comes from... just whatever feels good at the moment, i guess. Best of luck and LOVE that necklace!!!

. said...

Town and Country, The Biannual Hermes Le Monde
The Downpour Blog,
Style inspiration comes from Airport Lounges and Hotel Lobbies... the two greatest places to people watch and soak in a muti-dimensional free for all that is life and media overload.
I found you on Facebook

Kyla said...

1. D, F, G, and H, because they emphasize human interest stories. Sharing information on all the processes and people involved to design, create, and sell jewelry could really bring grayling to life.
2. I look to bridal magazines for year-round fashion inspiration. They tend to be classier and feature more timeless looks than regular fashion magazines.
3. I draw my style inspiration from the outdoors. My clothes and accessories often reflect earth tones, textures, and shapes, much like grayling jewelry. Incorporating nature into one's personal style seems to emphasize natural beauty, rather than distract from it.
4. I stumbled upon your blog when Google-searching jewelry images.

Keep up the wonderful work, Katy!

Anonymous said...


First : Congrats. Your work its terrific ! I wish you all the best !

Follow the answers :

1) All the topics are interesting. Depend of your mood or the intention. A woman especially can see and try all the topics at the same day, hour or minute ( ! ). Amazing, isn’t ? A good mix of everything sounds perfect

2) What are your favorite blogs and/or magazines? So, I’m Brazilian and I love the fashion market. For instance I always check out the following websites : (its two Brazilian girls, with great ideas and tips about the fashion universe); (its an amazing blog about style, culture, parties); (a wonderful French blog with an ocean of ideas).

3) Where do you find your style inspiration? I don’t know (laughs). Style inspiration for me come inside. What really matters is feel free, confident and comfortable.

4) How did you discover my blog? Reading some posts in the Neat Sheet. Good luck for us…I would love to use the Falcon Necklace (laughs) :-)

Patricia T Mirez -

Kirsten said...

Let me start off by saying I LOVE BLOGS! What I would like to see more of is A,B, E, G, and H - all of the above are great ideas, but these ones interest me the most. I look at so many blogs it's hard to list them all out, but I think it's safe to say content is king and I love blogs that really, truly keep up with trends/styles and post often. I also like PICTURES! Seeing is believing. Personally, I find inspiration everywhere. From blogs to magazines to simply people watching, inspiration is all around us. Design/style has taught me that there is no "right" way to wear a scarf or skirt - certain people can make any look/style beautiful.

Katy said...

Cool - thanks everyone! Be sure to check back to see if you're the winner on 4/15!

JvA said...

1) Which of the following topics interest you?

--Is it a cop-out to say all of the above? Because all of those things interest me.

2) What are your favorite blogs and/or magazines?

Kitchen and Residential Design by Paul Anater
Footnotes of Mad Men

3) Where do you find your style inspiration?

Everywhere, changing constantly. (Another cop-out, I know.) My last style inspiration, and this is so obvious, but that HBO show about stylish young people in NYC. The main female character was wearing a short knit striped rainbow-y dress with gray tights and chestnut boots -- kind of everything but black. Loved it.

4) How did you discover my blog?

I think I did a search for Trippen shoes and saw all the great stuff here. My husband and I used to shop at Nolita. We're in Seattle, so I can't wait for your online store to open.

Beth said...

OK, first time I've EVER posted on a blog but the necklace is inspiring me to get over my fear:)

1. Seasonal trends, shoes, handbags, jewelery
2. Yours is the only blog I follow so I'm no good to you there. I like InStyle, People, USWeekly, Seattle Magazine - sad I know, but true
3. I seriously have no idea . . . shopping, celebs, people watching
4. You:)

LOVED your new collection online - absolutely gorgeous!!

Katy said...

Thanks Beth, I am proud of you for breaking through your fear of commenting! Yes!

Team Thompson said...

What a fun idea! Thanks for the opportunity :) My answers follow:

1: E. How-to's (for instance, ways to tie a scarf)

2: I follow a lot of food, photography and travel blogs. This one is my favorite foodie blog:

3: I do a lot of people watching

4: From Sara Gray's photography blog!

NYnewbie said...

1) I'm most interested in how-to's and interviews with shop owners and other style insiders.

2) Lucky, Racked, Fashionista

3) Blogs, mainly

4) Stumbled upon it, I think

Katy said...

Holy smokes, keep it coming!

Heaven said...

Hmmm...ok, can I just pick the letter that corresponds? : )

1) Which of the following topics interest you?
H. One-on-one chats with Style Insiders (photographers, stylists, etc)

2) What are your favorite blogs and/or magazines?

blogs.. Bliss, sfbaygirl, bloom grow MANY MORE

3) Where do you find your style inspiration? life at large.... movies...stores...

4) How did you discover my blog?
Thru Fez!!! and SOO glad i did.


Katie Omweg said...

I am visiting your blog for the first time today because your give-away promotion on Twitter caught my attention!

1) Which of the following topics interest you?

G. Interviews with Shop Owners

2) I love Modish!

3) I am always inspired by Una in Portland

4) From this promotion on Twitter!

secret cake said...

Hi! Fun questions...

1) I'm most interested in:

A. Seasonal trends in accessories
B. What's new in shoes
C. What's new in handbags
D. My picks from other jewelry designers
E. How-to's (for instance, ways to tie a scarf)

2) My favorite blogs are mostly crafty-based, but have a design edge. Angry Chicken, Black Eiffel, Inchmark Journal, Grosgrain Fabulous, etc. I've cut all my magazine subscriptions to save time and paper, but I am a sucker for the Antro catalogues!

3) I find my style inspiration in what's comfortable and functional for me-- and what works with my petite frame and unwillingness to branch out beyond black, grey, brown, etc... I just moved from Portland to Seattle and I find the fashion/trends here to be quite similar.

4) I discovered your blog via Twitter-- it's lovely!

That necklace is SO great-- feminine but still edgy and modern.

Thanks so much for the chance!

secretcake (@) yahoo (dot) com


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