Wednesday, May 12, 2010

on the job: jasin weiner

Jasin Weiner is an apparel designer and recent graduate of the Art Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Jasin worked in theater and costume design before moving to the Northwest. He's also helped at-risk teens who, "...were just like you and me, only they got caught", according to the often humorous Jasin.

Jasin's senior collection, named Pale Rider, took on an apocalyptic desert theme; part fantasy and part reality. His costume designer background is obvious his styling choice, but one can also pluck out simple pieces that would make sense in any woman's closet.

Pale Rider's abstract-armor meets mix-and-match sensibility contains several key details. Contrasting elements include pin tucked cheesecloth and organza offset by buffalo nickel buttons and leather.

from concept... reality:

Catch Pale Rider on the runway during the
Portland Art Institute's 12th Annual Fashion Show
on June 5th, 2010.

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Estate by Robin said...

Beautiful work Jasin! Congrats and much success to you.


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