Friday, May 28, 2010

rules of fashion: age is just a number

Portland fashion stylist and makeup artist Kami Gray recently posted some great tips worth sharing on her blog. Read on...

Let your wardrobe make you look and feel years younger

Tips from Stylist Kami Gray

1) Stop matching everything! Your shoes, purse, and belt do NOT have to match and shows your age because it’s a very “old school” rule. Mix it up with tones that compliment each other like gray, brown, navy, and black.

2) Don’t worry about dressing like your daughter. Here’s the quick test for determining if you’re dressing too young: Would your daughter wear YOUR outfit? If the answer is decidedly a NO WAY, you’re probably good to go.

3) Flip-flop dressier items. Instead of dressing up a collared blouse and blazer combo with your pearls and delicate jewelry; do practically the opposite. Pair that blazer up with a tunic-length T-shirt with some chunky, glam jewelry, and a leather hip-slung belt.

4) Wear something unexpected. Hit the streets for inspiration. Use trend-setters you see on NW 23rd or SE Hawthorne and borrow one idea and incorporate it into your ensemble. I’m not about to go punk from head to toe, but a black leather cuff would be just the thing to pair with a pale pink blazer worn over a white t-shirt, your favorite bootcut jeans, and pair of chunky black boots. Keep them guessing by adding an unexpected touch!

5) Throw the rules out the window. My least favorite term is “age appropriate.” Wear what you like, what matches your personality, and what makes you feel good. Trust your instincts. Don’t get stuck because you’re over 40 or you're a Mom. Be the shining star you are meant to be at this age and all ages to come and let go of age rules and restrictions.

For more tips from Kami Gray, check out her website (My advice? Hire her - she'll take you shopping!)

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