Tuesday, October 12, 2010

natasha spotted in grayling!

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What a nice surprise. A beautiful Grammy-nominated singer (who co-writes and co-produces her own music) was shot wearing one of my necklaces on the red carpet (or in this case, on the patterned carpet in NYC).

I have immense respect for Natasha Bedingfield and I was absolutely THRILLED to see her in a grayling Caviar necklace.

The Caviar necklace is one of the first pieces I designed for my jewelry line, grayling.

When I launched in 2009 I had no idea one necklace would cause such a frenzy of sorts (the Caviar has been the "top viewed" item in my online store for the past six months and several grayling stockists report the necklace doesn't last but a few hours in a case before it's out the door).

The funny thing is, the necklace has pretty humble beginnings. I remember when I designed it. I was on my couch at home, with a pile of materials. I'd just dropped a sizable sum of money at a gem show, and I was excitedly playing around with metal combinations.

With my trusty kitty at my side (always - she is soooo curious), I started stringing crystals and wrapping them with chains of all sorts. Halfway through, I looked at what I'd done, and thought it looked awful. Then I started weaving a chunk of agate into the necklace. By the end of the day, I'd wound and cut and re-strung the piece countless times. And it had really turned into something!

When I finally added the clasp (the finishing touch!) I had in front of me one part sculpture and one part necklace. And the name Caviar described it well.

Interesting, pretty, unexpected - but ultimately versatile and infinitely wearable... sounds like my kind of jewelry line.

Please note:
The Caviar is officially registered with the United States Copyright Office,
and impostors will be sought out and given no mercy. And I mean none.
photo credit - LIFE


Amy Nieto said...

I like Natasha, too! And Caviar looks amazing on her, yay you!

Bromeliad said...

Congrats! A real live celebrity!

Cecilia said...

And your generous self gifted one of those necklaces to me!!!! :) Which I'll wear this weekend, thank you very much!


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