Tuesday, September 28, 2010

jewelry designers philip crangi, pamela love + justin giunta on the business of fashion

philip crangi,giles and brother,jewelry,online,business of fashion
“I wanted to find the buried treasure in flea markets or in the attic,” he says. “I never did, so I have to make it myself.” -Philip Crangi

pamela love,jewelry,necklace,stalagmite,sterling silver,business of fashion,interview“My philosophy was to never chase after anybody and let everybody come to you. I feel like you are going to get more support and love from people who reach out to you and really want to work with you.” -Pamela Love

justin giunta,interview,statement necklace,subversive jewelry,business of fashion,jewelry,online
“I lay out materials like paint on a palette, and draw together disparate elements of color and texture... morphing them to ensure they land appropriately into the composition...” -Justin Giunta

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photo credits: 1.Giles and Brother 2.Forward by Revolve 3.Subversive

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