Wednesday, November 10, 2010

blogging: a love/hate relationship

Writing a blog is funny.

Sometimes I'm really hot on it, sometimes I'm so cold I virtually forget I have a blog. Especially since conversations on my Facebook and Twitter pages offer instant interactions.

It makes me wonder, is anyone else writing fewer blog posts? It seems like the aforementioned forms of social media began filling the niche (that blogging once had a stronghold of) in 2008.

Anyway, my days of endless surfing, researching, and blogging are fewer now as I am pulled deeper into my business. This is a positive thing; grayling helps me bring home almost half the bacon (and fulfills lots of my creative needs, too).

Still, every time I find something worth sharing I do make a note of it for future posts. I have a folder on my laptop that's filled with snapshots of shoes, jewelry, and accessories that caught my eye at one point or another.

Eventually, I'll sift through it and share it.

Until then, thanks for reading the little bit I do manage to get up here.

And if you care for more, do check out grayling jewelry on Facebook and Twitter or on the good old grayling jewelry website.

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