Monday, June 6, 2011

links worth a click

Summer is a big season for accessories. Sun hats and bright jewelry come out of hiding, and platform heels seem less daunting (the absence of rain sure helps). Here are a few accessory-related links we think are fun:

1] Gucci Loafer Factory Tour on ACL:

On the outskirts of Florence, in Italy’s traditional shoe-making home, sits a nondescript, boxy building that was built during the post-war Italian industrial boom of the 1950s. While the factory doesn’t look like much from the outside, once through the door it’s an altogether different story... READ MORE

2] Living Plant Accessories on Ecouterre:

Anyone who’s been overcome by the rosy splendor of a setting sun or the serene majesty of mist-capped mountains can agree: Ma Earth is one helluva stylist. So who better than the prima designer herself to shows us how to step out in high style with cues from her own repertoire? From moss-topped knuckle rings to couture heels layered in cowberry leaves, here are seven eco-accessories that put the “green” in green fashion... READ MORE

3] Retro-inspired swimwear on Portland Monthly:

Marilyn Monroe has inspired many things—an appreciation for feminine curves, Joe DiMaggio, a spike in peroxide sales, perhaps … 
and the most current generation of swimwear. As the sun stretches ever so slowly out of its long winter nap, demure silhouettes of vintage suits are popping up on the resort runways from the likes of Diane von Furstenberg and Michael Kors... READ MORE

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