Friday, November 4, 2011

choked out

I knew this was coming... the choker is back!  We must be running out of styles to recycle if we're doing the choker again.

Sure, mini backpacks, oversized sweatshirts and babydoll dresses hold a place in my heart - IN THE PAST - during a time when Blossom, 90210, and early Seinfeld ruled the TV.

I don't care how conceptually cool this necklace is, it's still a no-no:

ManiaMania choker in black suede with a brass ring and black tourmaline crystal
$240 at  courtesy, Phillipe Regard for the New York Times

Sure, there are versions that read "clean" and "futuristic" or modern. I won't be donning one of those either. The whole thing is just ick. It was bad enough the first time.

Read more on this horrifying trend from GlamourElle, and the New York Times.

I'd love to hear your comments.

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