Wednesday, November 23, 2011

little boxes little boxes

Little Boxes is a different way to shop on Black Friday.  And we are proud to be a part of it!

If you want to line up outside a big box store at 3am, make sure you wear your mittens! The Little Boxes open at 10am. If you're looking for crowds and fist fights over toys, there's bound to be a big box out there where you can get in on that. The Little Boxes don't really do fist fights. 

The big boxes will feature the big brands and the big marketing and those robot massage chairs lined up in the hallway. 

The folks at the Little Boxes have filled their shelves with the lesser known brands: that line from the Netherlands, that clever thing for your kitchen, those awesome boots. Products they've researched, dug around for, and believe in. And while the Little Boxes don't have robots giving massages, they'd probably give you a hug if you asked.

We're the Little Boxes, and we're proud to invite you into our stores. We work hard to create an experience you won't find in bigger boxes. 

Here's all the details.  We look forward to seeing you Friday morning.

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