Monday, November 23, 2009

new shoes

I scored some cute Gee Wawa open-toe heeled oxfords from Sole in the Pearl District. Comfy, stylish, black. Ring me up.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog...beautiful and inspiring.

This is a crazy question but can you describe how these shoes fit?? I LOVE them and have been looking at them myself... My foot is a tad wide and I have a high instep... Would you say they run narrow or have lots of toe room? Thanks!

Katy said...

Hi! Not a crazy question at all! Glad you like my blog :)

So...they have plenty of toe-room! I'm pretty sure the laces would accommodate both a higher instep, and a wider foot.

I have them cinched tight on my normal-width foot, so there's plenty of lace left to let out!

They are sooooo comfortable - and I'm not a heel person normally. These are very stable without being matronly :) Get 'em!

Anonymous said...

thanks! by the way, i'm loving the glam rock necklace. i think i'll get it for myself after the holidays, or have my hubby get it for valentine's day. so pretty!! is it available online? i looked at some of the stores you have links to on your site and couldn't find that particular piece.
i'm loving portland design!! you and prairie underground rock!! i own a couple of their pieces...

Katy said...

Hi! There are a few pieces posted here - PDX Boutique is an online store.

I just delivered several new pieces of GlamRock to Naturals in Lake Oswego (no online store) and I will be at SOLE today only from 2-6 with the entire collection.

I think the necklace you mentioned is the "Caviar" necklace?

If you are unable to order online I can certainly make you one.

Thanks, Katy

Anonymous said...

Yes the glamrock necklace in caviar. I love it!! I'll check out the pdxboutique site. I'm in NY. Thanks!! I'll definitely be looking at getting one after the holidays.

Katy said...

Cool! Happy Holidays and let me know if I can be of any assistance!

Karen said...

I bought a nice pair of open toed Gee Wawa shoes about 2 months ago. They are awesome and I can wear them with just about any outfit!


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