Sunday, September 26, 2010

black smithing classes!

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The good people of Neighborhood Notes always bring something to my attention that inevitably enriches my life. Two items come to mind, in particular.

The first was a recent article about the neighborhood near my new studio/showroom. I felt like exploring the Central Eastside even further after reading it. I love supporting local places and it's a little easier if you know where to look among the warehouses.

The second was an in-depth story about Blacksmiths in the Portland area. It left me feeling antsy and excited (and frankly, jealous of the workshops the artisans in the story work in)!

Lo and behold, I discovered Bridgetown Forge offers smithing workshops! These appear to be drastically different than the jewelry smithing classes I've taken in the past. When the course ends, you walk away with a Japanese style knife or a heavy bowl. The owner, Arnon Kartmazov, has been trained by famous Israeli black smith Uri Hofi.

Check out the class listing here.

Photo: Melissa Reeser.

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