Sunday, December 27, 2009

overdue congrats

How adorable is Janeane Marie on her audition tape for Project Runway? CLICK HERE for the videos...

I am so excited she made it on the show - I don't have cable so I'll have to watch at a bar (could be worse) or a friend's house.

This Fall, Janeane Marie showed at Content 09, collaborated on Mercy Expiriment No. 1, and participated in several trunk shows.

Meanwhile, she's also managed to design and produce her clothing line - somehow doing this all while maintaining sanity.

You may recall, Janeane borrowed some of my jewelry for her showing at Portland Fashion Week, and she's been an awfully busy bee ever since.

Congratulations, Janeane, I'm excited for you!


Janeane Marie's models wearing g r a y l i n g

video link courtesy of lifetime

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Karen Vitt - The Neat Sheet said...

Grayling + Janeane Marie is a pretty sweet combo. Let's organize a Project Runway viewing party, yes?! I'm going to do a weekly report on The Neat Sheet and I'd love to watch with you! xo-k


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